The main aim of this course is to provide a basis for modeling and design of real bioreactors.

  • Course Title: Bioreactor Design
  • Presented for: MSc Students
  • Course No: 211411101
  • Credits/Weeks: 3/17
  • Semester: Spring
  • Group Presenting: Biotechnology



Non-ideal flow Part I
Basics of Non-ideal flow, Compartment models, Dispersion Model, Tanks-in-series model  
Sterilization Part II
Medium sterilization, Design of Batch sterilization process, Del factor, Richard’s rapid method, Scale up of batch sterilization, Design of continuous sterilization,  
Solid State Fermentation Part III
Overview, Types of SSF, Mathematical Modeling, Design of SSF processes  
Scale up/down Part IV
Fundamentals of changing scale  



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Examination method

Exam 90%
Home works 10%

Teaching Method: Lectures