The main aim of this course is to provide the fundamentals of Numerical Analysis.

  • Course Title: Advanced Engineering Mathematics
  • Course Type: Lecture
  • Course No: 211405401
  • Credits/Weeks: 3/17
  • Semester: Fall
  • Group Presenting: Biotechnology



Part I: Introduction

Part II: Numerical Methods of Systems of Equations

Part III: Numerical quadrature

Part IV: Numerical Methods of Ordinary Differential Equations


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MathWorks, Inc., “Getting Started with MATLAB “, 2001.

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Presentation: MatlabTutorialQuickStart.pptx

In MATLAB’s prompt type : help, lookfor, helpwin, helpdesk, demos

On the Web :

Examination method

Final Exam 40-45%
Home works 5-10%

Teaching Method: Lectures